Tuesday, February 21, 2017


What did I learn today... well I learned that if you do not watch where you are going you will fall... I learned that maybe I shouldn't sign up for every PD I see.. I learned that we need to instill manners and a caring heart into our youth, and I learned it's OK to speak your fears aloud because someone else may be feeling them as well.

Ok to start off I learned to watch where I am going. Or maybe the lesson was not to multitask? I was leaving a training last night and was walking on the sidewalk while talking to two different people     ( right I know...I should have given all of my attention to just one) and ate pavement...hard. I broke my computer, twisted my ankle and felt humiliated ..all in about a 30 second window of time. Good times!  I was trying to do too many things at once as I often do and paid the price. Thank goodness our tech guy rocks. He fixed my computer in about 30 minutes.... Grant is AWESOME! Ankle is a little sore, but I think I'll live. Now on to humiliation....

Humiliation.. the second lesson I learned is that fifth grade boys are not very kind... (who knew??) I ate pavement in front of about 4 fifth grade boys.. oh boy that was fun... One of which did  come to my rescue and help me pick up my things....the other three.. ( I am just assuming here) watched the whole debacle and stared with looks of wonder, laughter and maybe a bit of horror in their eyes...thank goodness no unschool like words flew from my mouth at the time of said debacle. Oh and I am SO excited our cameras just got replaced at school last week... I am sure there is great footage of me wiping out.. who knows maybe they are enjoying watching it eating popcorn somewhere...if so do not tell me, I'm good, thanks.

The last two things I learned kind of go hand in hand. Every time I see a chance for a book club PD I try to sign up, because why not.. I need the PD points right?? and I love to read and who doesn't have loads of extra time just sitting around waiting to be filled. So I signed up for this tech PD because, like I said, why not. Seemed like a pretty good idea. First part of the meeting went well. We laughed we talked, we watched some funny videos about taking selfies.. and then BAM.... our assignment is given.. Can you guess what it is?? Come on, one guess... I'll even give you a hint... It start with blog and ends with ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! I kinda freaked out at the meeting..because I'm not a writer, I actually despise writing, and only act like it's the best thing since LuLaRoe (because let's admit it...leggings are way better than sliced bread... I mean I can wear leggings while eating unsliced bread... DUH.. no comparison)  in front of my students. Our great and powerful leader said not to worry, we can write about anything, and that reflection is the key to innovation. I responded that I felt reflecting was personal and that I hated writing. I;m glad I spoke up for a couple of reasons.. One our leader now knows that yes I'll do the assignment..maybe begrudgingly.. but that I'm not too thrilled about it, so don't expect some Hemingway brilliance. Reason two ..it opened the door for someone else in our group to speak their hesitancy as well. She had completely different reasons than I.. for one, she's brilliant and I'm sure anything she writes is gold, and two she is not as lazy as I am.. because let's admit, one of the reasons I didn't want to do this is because I'm lazy.

So here is my blogging attempt.. I can say I have done the assignment.. and maybe you read it, maybe you didn't.. but oh well it's done. I have no disillusions that this will change anyone's life... Well except I might have saved someone else's ankle and computer... BEWARE of the ankle biting sidewalk.  Good day!


  1. See that wasn't so bad--and now you have a mentor text to show kids how to reflect and blog. Thanks for daring greatly--in this field of education, reflection is important, and being intentional about it is even better.

  2. Your humor is delightful, and I love that you were writing at 6:15 this morning! What a go-getter! Write on! You're better than you think...